Learn Like a Champion 


St John Bosco Arts College PE Students in Years 7 and 8 Promote the Olympic Ideals

“Live and Learn Like a Champion” is a new initiative that has been launched in order to educate and encourage students of all ages to get involved in the Olympics by following the seven key values.

The Programme encourages children to complete activities that develop seven core values: Friendship, Respect, Excellence, Equality, Courage, Determination and Inspiration.

All students in Years 7 & 8 at St John Bosco Arts College have been given their “Legacy” Log Books which will document their “Olympic Journey” before being awarded a Certificate in either Bronze, Silver or Gold.

During the last set of Creative Learning Days in February 2012, the Year 7 students worked on cross-curricular projects focussing on the Olympic Ideals through Physical Education, Art & Design and Technology. The students worked in teams to produce Olympic Mascots, the 5 Olympic Rings, and Olympic Puppets and enjoyed a range of physical activities which promoted the seven key values.

Mrs Johnson, Subject Leader for Physical Education said “the students really became inspired by this Programme and as the students move along in their lives, these values are not just for 2012 but for life”. What an inspirational way to learn.

Art work which was created from the 3 days will be displayed throughout the College during the Summer term.

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