Prize Giving 2012  


That word 'outstanding' seems to be following us around and our annual Prizegiving event was no exception, and judging by the number of letters, emails and phone calls we have received many of our guests and parents thought so too.

It always gives us a sense of pride to see our students walk across the stage at the Philharmonic Hall to celebrate their achievements in front of so many esteemed guests. Of course we are delighted with the range and quality of their exam achievements, but it is also pleasing to celebrate the successes of our students across the year groups in areas such as sport, the arts, attendance and citizenship - all of which are worthy of recognition. Not only is the Philharmonic Hall a magnificent venue, but having the event there allows us to bring the whole college together as a community to celebrate. And it is always gratifying to see so many parents coming along to support their children and the college.

As always the the dancers, musicians and singers entertained us and were as good as any professional performers (before the evening, people were even asking how much the tickets were). Our Speaker this year was Councillor Annie O'Byrne, who spoke to the young people about the opportunities open to them and gave them the clear message that where we come from is no barrier to success. Mrs Pontifex gave her annual address and as always, praised the students, staff and Governors for all the hard work that goes to make our college so successful. She also recognised the continued support of the Salesian Sisters who are the inspiration for the work we do with the young people of St John Bosco Arts College.

Our Head Student Brogan McKenzie Burke also spoke eloquently about the college, the work of the sixth form and how the college is moving forward. She and her team of prefects really are a shining example of the calibre of student we nurture. I particularly like the quote she used which we could all take a lead from.

“nobody can start a new beginning, but anybody can start today and create a new ending”.

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