Choir of the Year

This term all the Year 7 students took part in Year 7 Choir of the Year Competition at St John Bosco. The girls worked incredibly hard in their music lessons and with their tutors in registration time to learn the words and music for this event. Every class gave a super performance on the day with the judges (from LIPA) admitting that it was very difficult to decide who the winners were.

Well done to 7O who were awarded the Choir of the Year Cup for their beautiful rendition of ‘Ain’t no mountain High enough’. The highlight of the event was when all the Year 7 classes came together at the end to sing ‘I’ll be there for you’. Year 7 sounded so amazing even their tutor’s and PPC Mrs Smith were inspired to get up and join in the song! Congratulations year 7 for all your hard work.


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