Holocaust Event

On Wednesday 4th December, the History Department held a Holocaust Event for years 10,11,12 and 13 History and Theology students. Mrs Evans organised for an Educator - John Corbett and Holocaust Survivor - Ruth Barnett to come to school to hold a number of different sessions for the students. The day began with an assembly to set the foundations of the initial day and then all the year groups involved took part in activity sessions with the educator. Ruth then gave her 90 minute testimony to all students which was then consolidated with a question and answer session and activity session with both John and Ruth.

This was a truly successful event that reinforced students understanding of the Holocaust and gave them a greater knowledge of other events that are linked within this time frame, thus enhancing their learning for the summer examinations.

It was met with an extremely positive response from both students and staff alike when they reflected after the event.


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