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Update from Berlin - Day 4

After a good night's sleep, the girls are now on their way home.

Update from Berlin - Day 3

The trip has been great - the girls have seen Checkpoint Charlie, the remains of the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburg Gate. Bowling was fun last night and once again the girls were a credit to the school and their families.

We set off for home later today - tired but very happy!

Update from Berlin - Day 2

We are currently on our way to the concentration camp after a lovely nights sleep and a healthy breakfast!

Pictures from the concentration camp in Germany - the girls were taken around the camp with a tour guide. We all learnt so much about what it would have been like and the girls were extremely well behaved and respectful of the memories of those who had suffered there.

Update from Berlin - Day 1

Heading towards German border having stopped for breakfast in Holland. All students safe, well and happy!

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