Tall Ships

This summer 12 students took part in the Irish Sea Regatta on a ship called The Tecla and old fishing boat from the Netherlands. Students took part in the race from Dublin to Liverpool.

The students were joined by 4 crew members and three students from across the country, they learned how to sail the ship, joining the crew for duties through the night and enjoyed life on the ocean waves. Students had a fantastic experience and learned new skills, got to know new people and had a great experience of team work. Emma McMahon said “It was an experience of a lifetime it was amazing.”

The voyage was made even more memorable as they sailed into Liverpool as the winners of the regatta, Miss Margaret Murphy Teacher accompanying the students said “This was an amazing opportunity for our students, they worked hard and have learned new things about themselves and each other, we are very proud of them and their achievement” This was a fantastic opportunity that students from St John Bosco Arts College really made the most of.

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