Year 7 Science Challenge


The summer of 2012 was the summer of champions and memorable gold medals. The same can be said for two of our Year 7 students, Rebecca Ward and Faye Brownell as they triumphed in the Edge Hill University Science Challenge.

It all started with a design challenge, they had to design an elastic band powered aeroplane, their creation impressed the judges and they qualified to represent St John Bosco at the finals.

The finals were a tense event firstly their plane, the Bosco Flyer, had to pass the weigh in. It easily fell below the 100g weight limit. Although other team’s had gone with more complicated designs made form a variety of materials, the Bosco Flyer was a more simple paper design that the girls believed would be the key to success. The next step was the flight trails the Bosco flyer had 3 opportunities to impress the judges, with the team with the longest distance winning.

There were a few tense moments but the girls kept their cool and used all of their knowledge to help the plane along to success and the Bosco Flyer came in first, making Faye and Rebecca gold medallists, well done and what a great day!


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