St John Bosco students from across key stage 3, 4 and 5 worked incredibly hard at lunch times and after school, to take the audience on a journey through the wardrobe to the magical land of Narnia.

Auditions where held at the start of term and once the cast was formed creative rehearsals with Mr Gaffney began. “Our students never cease to amaze me, they have been highly committed to the production process and really put on a great show” Mrs Finnegan worked alongside Mr Gaffney to help unfreeze this timeless tale and bring it to life here at St John Bosco.

We received great feedback from the audience who were highly impressed by the comedic talents of the beavers (Chloe English and Hannah Peacock). The students embodied the characters in such a wonderful way. Paige Morgan Woodward managed to deliver the sinister qualities of the white queen, leaving the audiences on the edge of their seats. Lauren Brown, Tia Walmsley, Jessica Jones and Caitlin Price worked incredibly hard to create a superb sibling bond on stage and were really committed to the roles. Also this year’s School Band gave a new lease of life to the timeless tale helping to convey the melodic singing capabilities of the cast. Overall it was an enchanting extravaganza, showcasing the amazing talent here at St John Bosco Arts College. Well done Girls, you where all Brilliant!

Mr Gaffney

Behind the Scenes

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