The Passion

For the first time this year all of our school community had the opportunity to experience ‘The Passion’.  The Passion retells the events of Jesus’ last days that lead to his trial and crucifixion, and looks forward to His glorious resurrection on Easter Sunday.

The Chaplain created a new experience, with help from the performing arts team, music and technicians, textiles, and Mrs Jevons and team for the tomb. The Passion involved staff and students in year groups processing around the school throughout the day marking the agony in the garden, the trial and scourging of Jesus, the crucifixion and the resurrection. Performing students lead each year group onto each scene which processed in and out of the school buildings.

All students had some preparation for ‘The Passion’ through their Lent reflections in the prayer room with the school chaplain. The girls had time to reflect and reconcile. During the service the students wrote on pieces of white cloth what they wanted to let go of and during the passion these would be burnt in preparation for a new beginning, the promise that Easter brings.

They also made their own ribbon brooches that they could wear on their blazers. The colours they chose had spiritual meaning for them. Red represented Pontious Pilate - the struggles we go through and tough decisions we have to make. Purple represented Jesus - the suffering we experience through loss and also if we are looking for Jesus in our lives too. White represented God - for the peace and hope his love brings. So for many of us we may experience worries and troubles but we live in hope that God will help us through our lives.


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