Archdiocese Day

On the 17th October we held an event for the local primary schools in our community for Archdiocese day. The children had a creative and exciting day, one of the activities they did in the morning was to create their very own plant pots, the children really enjoyed this activity and were excited to watch it grow and see the progress.

The children also made a patchwork blanket that they personalised with a drawing of themselves, and a prayer they had written as well. The children will use this for their leavers mass as an altar cloth.

To finish the action packed morning there was an assembly where the children could present their work and read their prayers. The year 7 choir performed a song and the primary schools happily joined in. Lastly, we finished by watching a clip of Sir David Attenborough showcasing all of the world’s most wonderful animals, showing us how amazing our world is, and what we can do to save our planet.

It was a wonderful, exciting and fantastic day and we can’t wait for next year!