Arts Update

Here is your monthly update of the goings on across the Arts Department at St John Bosco. Wowzers! What a busy few weeks it’s been. We are so pleased to see all our students back working hard in their classes and even more excited about all the opportunities we have to offer outside of the classroom.

For Open Evening the Performing Arts held a performance showcase, with our girls singing, acting and dancing the night away, not forgetting our instrumentalists who helped to keep everyone entertained. As always we are blown away by the talent that we have in our school, and how confidently our girls perform. Our next project will be the celebration of a very special visitor to the school. Work has already begun in the studios, so keep your eyes peeled and get involved!

Art was incredibly busy painting and sketching throughout the night, with prospective students creating their own designs. The food and textiles department also was a hive of activity, with students baking cakes and making cushions based on the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead.

What are you doing after school or at lunchtimes? Have you signed up to one of our clubs?

The sun certainly came out for the performing arts as we announced our next whole school production was going to be “It’s a Hard-Knock Life”. The auditions were a great success with over 75 students signing up. As always the whole of Year 7 will be involved, learning a song and routine as part of their lesson time. The rehearsals are every Thursday and Friday after school. Tickets will be on sale in November so be sure to get one, as they will sell out fast.

The music has been blasting out of the dance studios every lunchtime as the girls take part in the new dance clubs and prepare for the variety showcase for opening evening. This was also a platform for Year 11 assessment Unit 2 BTEC First Award. Clubs continue to change for the needs of the students hosting a variety of genres from Tap dance, to Lyrical and also Musical Theatre. In the very near future the Talented Dance Company will re-commence, with the opportunity for the most gifted to be stretched and challenged.

Within the music department the peripatetic sessions have already commenced with over 100 students receiving lessons across woodwind, brass and string instruments. Also, our vocal coach continues to provide extensive training for our singers. The music rooms are constantly filled with students across every lunch time, for Samba band, the Orchestra and the Choir.After school we are learning the show tunes for the production and providing revision sessions for GCSE Music. Year 7 are currently working towards the Choir of the Year performance, this is a highly competitive event with the Year 7 form tutors vying for first place. Mrs Sweeney caused controversy last year trying to sway the judges with her Zac Efron cardboard cut-out; who knows what antics they will resort to this time! Already Mrs Finnegan and the students have provided the soundtrack to our welcome masses and with a number of events in the calendar, there are plenty of opportunities for you to experience their talents.

Art lessons have been extremely busy exploring a variety of creative techniques such as 2D and 3D design, mask making and traditional aboriginal art forms. As always, the Art Club has opened for all key stages to inspire and stimulate our future Tracey Emin.

In design and technology the textiles students are already sewing away designing the costumes for the school production. Students across all key stages are involved in the design and making of the clothes. Year 11 and 6th form girls design and make the costumes and accessories for our principle cast members; their work will go towards their BTEC qualification. In the Food Technology department,Miss Daley and the girls have been busy designing ‘The Hard-Knock Life Café’. This will provide themed refreshments before the show with a little added sparkle.

You can see there are a variety of captivating activities right at your fingertips, all of which are designed to enhance your individual creativity. So what are you waiting for………