Bosco Book Week - The Origins of Emoji

Our annual Bosco Book Week focused on ‘The Origins of Emoji’. Staff and students explored 21st Century reading skills- symbolism, visualisation, inference and deduction of emoji.

To launch our celebrations we began each day with an assembly using the biography of Shigetake Kurita, the creator of the first emoji. The word of the week was ‘visionary: during assembly the term visionary was defined in its noun and adjective form with a projection what it is to be visionary.

There was a presentation on The Hill to promote Reading for Pleasure using inspirational quotes from famous visionaries about achieving goals, dreams and ambitions.

Students across KS3 enjoyed cross-curricular literacy lesson with a focus on reading. Students enjoyed the following lessons:

  • English stretched their reading comprehension skills and used the answers to create a key to complete a colour by numbers emoji;
  • Maths explored emoji algebra;
  • Science discovered the periodic table using emoji science;
  • RE reviewed the bible emoji;
  • History studied Japanese hieroglyphics and created a class haiku;
  • MFL visualised adjectives using emoji;
  • Art analysed the links between Expressionism of the 18th Century with emoji;
  • ICT Created their own emoji dictionary;
  • Design Technology designed and created emoji bunting;
  • Food Technology baked emoji biscuits;
  • Music sang karaoke using Animoji software and competed in the guess the song title emoji quiz;
  • P.E. students used emoji to peer and self-assess their performance;
  • Drama explored a range of emotions during a performance using emoji.

There was a notable increase of students visiting the LRC to participate in the extra-curricular activities compared to last year. The following activities supported teaching and learning:

  • Design a World Book Day token;
  • Research your favourite author or illustrator;
  • Emoji book title quiz;
  • Reading attitudes ‘Thunks’ to promote critical thinking around the process of Reading for Pleasure;
  • Design a book cover for a text based on the day in the life of an Emoji;
  • Reading for Pleasure bingo reading challenge task.

Our annual celebration of World Book Day was celebrated with staff and students dressing up as their favourite book character.

To complete the celebration and promotion of Reading for Pleasure, there was an attendance incentive of emoji cupcakes for everyone during Friday break time.