Clown Rumours 


Colette O'Brien, Director of Children & Young People's Service has sent the following message to schools.

“I have had Merseyside Police contact me this morning regarding a social media story which has been escalating during the morning. It concerns a Halloween ‘prank’ linked to the 1980s film due to be re-release, which features a clown as part of the story line. 

The Police are aware that there have been rumours circulating of young people dressed as clowns, approaching children at a number of Liverpool schools. There is no credible threat linked to these series of rumours and Police are keen that children are reassured and the issue is de-escalated. Neighbourhood officers have been deployed to assist in the management of this regrettable chain of events.

We are aware that some of our students have heard these rumours and have spoken to their parents about this. We would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that there is no cause for alarm and schools have been assured by Merseyside Police that there is no credible threat. “