DofE Expedition

On the 27th-28th June 2015, 11 sixth formers went out on a practice expedition for their bronze Duke of Edinburgh,the sun was cracking the flags and the shorts where out. The award involved them walking for up to 6 hours each day while navigating a route, carrying all kit needed for the weekend and sleeping in a tent overnight. All 11 students where great, and completed Saturdays walk in 5 and a half hours. Back at the campsite tents where set up and the pasta and noodles simmered away. To help build team spirits and bond as a group they roasted marshmallow and had some sleeping bag sack races. The next day the walk was pretty similar terrain but the weather changed and we experienced a few showers, however the students powered through and complete the walk in a good time.

After this the group had to complete a qualifying expedition, putting all the skills they had learnt to the test while being assessed. So on the 4th-5th July 2015 they went out again. The weather was lovely and with map in hand both groups set off, using their navigation skills and team work they both returned to the campsite in high spirits, again the group had to set up camp and cook food. Bright and early with a few sore shoulders the groups set off again, completing a 13.5km route in 5 hours.

All 11 sixth formers completed the expedition section and the assessor was very impressed by their level of responsibility, determination and team work. The groups now have to create a short PowerPoint about their experience and the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award will be complete!

Students involved

Bailey Orndahl

Katie Redmond

Jessica Brannan

Ellie May Murphy

Lauren Brown

Hannah Seddon

Emily Quirk

Tiffany Wasley

Bethan McGowan

Leanne McCormick

Cerys Williams