English High Flyers Primary Day- Monday 3rd July 2017


During the final session of our High Flyers project we explored a Victorian poem by Mary Taylor Coleridge called ‘The Deserted House’. Students used their reading skills of skimming, scanning, inference and deduction to interpret the poem. We learned the meaning of some very challenging vocabulary such as: malevolent, rutilent, capricious, eerie and ornery.

Students then revised a range of complex sentence types including 3 bad adjective, (dash) questions; adverbially fronted sentences and magic sentences. They then applied these literacy skills to write a letter solving the mystery surrounding the deserted house and let their imaginations run wild with what could have been left in the chest.

It was amazing to see our primary students learn so rapidly. We had an exciting and mysterious workshop. Miss. Strode and teachers from the primaries were thrilled with the letters produced by the students.

At St. John Bosco Arts College we wish everyone from our feeder primaries a happy and restful summer holiday. We look forward to seeing you all again next autumn.