Fall Into Reading Festival - Autumn 2016

International Literacy Day Thursday 8th September 2016

Year 7 had a wonderful day celebrating International Literacy Day. The focus was on Literacy, communication and e-safety. They completed a cross - curricular literacy and numeracy project which was enormous fun.

Students learned about the Penny Black Stamp and explored how this invention revolutionised the way the world communicates. They analysed stamps from around the world and they researched the biography of Rowland Hill and the postal reform act and designed their own stamp and post box.

Our students then studied how citizens of the Victorian era communicated compared with the technology we use to communicate today. There was a distinct buzz around the fun mental maths activity using mobile phones as a stimulus. This then linked a discussion of the pros and cons of mobile phones and the reasons why mobile phones are left in lockers at St. John Bosco Arts College.

Our final activity was about e-safety and students were made fully aware of how to keep themselves safe online and how to use the internetand mobile phones to communicate responsibly and effectively.

Our next celebration day for Fall into Reading is Tuesday 13thSeptember as it is Roald Dahl Day!