Harry Potter Book Night

Our second celebration of Harry Potter Book Night was a fantastic success.

Students had a wonderful time taking part in a quiz celebrating the series of books by J.K. Rowling.

Students joined their “Hogwarts House” to form teams, bringing along their wands and many of the students wearing robes.  The teams answered questions based on their general knowledge of the books, identified quotes and the always popular picture round. Students were in teams made up from all year groups and it was wonderful to see them all work together.

The end of the event saw Slytherin as the winners leading to lots of good natured boo’s and grumbles from the other teams.

Harry Potter Book Night has become a much anticipated evening full of fun, celebrating not only the Harry Potter series but encouraging reading for please and offering students the opportunity to share reading experience and offer suggestions to each other for further reading. Everyone is looking forward to next years event.