High Flyers’ Literacy 29th November 2018

Our first Literacy High Flyers session of 2018/2019 welcomed our friends from St. Brigid’s, St Theresa, St. Mathews’, St Swithin’s, St. Albert’s and Monksdown primary schools. Learners considered the origins of emoji and explored 21st Century reading skills- symbolism, visualisation, inference and deduction of emoji.

Learners read a biography of Shigetake Kurita, the creator of the first emoji. We explored the term ‘visionary’ and considered the impact other great visionaries of the 21st century have had on the world. Learners completed a challenging comprehension activity: the answers were colour coded and they had to answer the questions correctly in order to discover the mystery emoji. Monksdown were the first to complete the challenge and were first to discover the laughing crying face, the world’s most popular emoji.

To test our knowledge of reading and wider reading we completed a reading quiz of blanked out book covers. The winners of this competition belonged to St Teresa’s primary school. Well done!

Finally, learners made links between Japanese hieroglyphics and emojis. We discussed the cultural representations of emojis and how to apply to Unicode with any ideas or designs for new emojis our learners may have.

We came up with some great ideas for new emojis such as: rememberance day, cyclops, super-heroes and even a scouse-girl emoji.