It's a Gold for Attendance!

We are delighted to have been awarded gold for the Liverpool Attendance Quality Mark.

The Liverpool Attendance Quality Mark is designed to support schools in evaluating their strategies to improve attendance and reduce persistent absence. The assessment for the award assures the processes in place for managing student absence.

Over the past few years, the college has worked tirelessly to ensure that absences are kept to a minimum. The school exceeded national attendance for two terms to Easter and reduced persistent absence to well below the national average for the same period, St John Bosco has been given the gold award the top mark available!

The college has managed to achieve such a fantastic record due to a number of initiatives implemented across the year groups, including end of term rewards and trips for students with attendance over 97%. The college also places great emphasis on the value of teaching and learning, highlighting to students the impact of absence in missed opportunities and achievement in their future goals. Five days off school a year equates to 25 lessons missed!

The school also works with Family Action and Magic Breakfast to provide free breakfast for all students. A healthy breakfast can provide children with the energy and nutrients they need to thrive; increasing alertness, improving behaviour and giving them the motivation to learn.

Headteacher, Darren Gidman, said:“Many schools struggle with student absence and it can be a complex area to understand and address. By looking into the root of the problem, schools can develop the right strategies to ensure attendance is always at its best, which is exactly what our school has done. The college thanks parents and carers for their continued support.