Little Startlits Extravaganza 2016

On Thursday11th February 2016, 45 primary students across 7 schools were invited to join Miss Newton and Miss Burns for a fun filled day at St John Bosco Arts College.

The day’s activities were based on Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen and was designed to encourage literacy through different subjects across the school.

The day began with a greeting from Miss Burns and Miss Newton.

The girls were gathered together in the conference hall to listen to The Snow Queen story told by Miss Newton. The girls were encouraged after each chapter to discuss what they had heard and to understand the different versions of the story e.g. The Snow Queen in Frozen, The Snow Queen in Narnia and the comparisons of the characters in each of the stories.

There were 3 activities planned for the students, they were as follows:

Science - Miss Yates

‘The colours behind the story’, found in the Aurora Borealis (particles from the Earth’s atmosphere collide with particles from the Sun).

The girls after a safety talk used Bunsen Burners using different compounds to see what colours matched the Northern Lights colours, such as: -

            Particle Name                         Colour in flame test   

           Sodium Salt                                         Orange

            Copper Salt                                         Green

            Barium Salt                                         Rainbow

            Potassium Salt                         Pink/Purple/Violet

            Calcium Salt                                        Red/Blue

            Northern Lights                                   Blue/Green

Next the girls did a Chromatography Test, using special paper.  They made a mark on the paper with a pen and placed the paper in water, which changed the colour of the pen into a rainbow effect.


Drama - Mr Gaffney

The drama was a big hit! The girls worked on 8 different styles of Drama, building confidence, working as a team and simply having fun!

The Icebreakers and techniques were all based on the Snow Queen resulting in all groups creating their own pieces


Story board Session

 The girls planned a story around their favourite part of The Snow Queen, they elaborated on what else might have happened around that incident and then did the illustrations to match the story.

The girls enjoyed a delicious lunch and it was really nice to see the different schools getting to know each other.

A most enjoyable and beneficial day at St John Bosco Arts College.


Well done to all the primary schools involved:

All Saints Primary

Fazakerly Primary

Barlows Primary

Emmaus Primary

St Teresa of Lisieux Primary

St Albert's Primary

St Brigid's Primary

St Matthews Primary