Liverpool Central Library half-term visit

Miss. Crowley and Miss. Strode were delighted to spend the afternoon with the most senior member of the PTFA Bob Cartwright and his granddaughter Sarah at Liverpool Central library. We had a tour of the library and learned about inspirational key figures who helped to build and shape the cultural heritage of the City of Liverpool. As well as visiting the world famous reading room, we also had a tour of the Oak Room and were excited to view some of the world’s most rare and magnificent books.

We spent time browsing through the archives on the third floor.Bob and Sarah read with interest and enthusiasm the Liverpool Echo that was printed on the day they were born. There was a fascinating contrast 1937 compared to 2002. We also located the documents of the registration of Bob’s birth.

The archive collections hold documents dating from the 13th century. Visitors have the opportunity to read and discover information about the rich and fascinating history of Liverpool.  Experienced staff will help you explore original documents, photographs, maps and newspapers which record the lives of Liverpudlians across the centuries. Staff also run a Family History Help desk every Tuesday 1.30 pm to 4 pm. There's no appointment necessary and it's a great place to start your family history search.

Everyone at ST. John Bosco Arts College would like to wish Bob a very happy birthday as he turns 80 this week. The first octogenarian of the PTFA.