Bosco Book Week

Focus -  Beatrix Potter

 Monday 27th February 2017- Friday 3rd March 2017

Our annual Bosco Book Week focused on celebrating the life and works of Beatrix Potter. The 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter was celebrated in 2017.

To launch our celebrations we began each day with an assembly giving a brief biography of Beatrix Potter and reading for pleasure.  This assembly inspired our KS3 students and they were keen to learn more about this inspirational woman whose legacy has inspired generations and preserved an iconic place of natural beauty in England – The Lake District.

Students across KS3 enjoyed cross-curricular literacy lessons with a focus on reading. Students enjoyed the following lessons: 

  • English created a biography and fact file base on the life of Beatrix Potter;
  • Maths used the characters of Beatrix Potter to work out probability;
  • Science read and discussed Mycology and Beatrix Potter’s dreams of becoming a scientist;
  • RE explored the life of a Victorian child;
  • History studied the role of women and medicine in Victorian society and plotted a timeline against Beatrix Potter’s life;
  • MFL read and translated the tales from Beatrix Potter from Spanish to English;
  • Art studied the illustrations of Beatrix Potter and looked at artists’perspectives;
  • ICT researched the Lake District and the Beatrix Potter attraction and created presentations
  • Dance and drama mastered performances of the Beatrix Potter ballet;
  • DesignTechnology created the cutest finger puppets based on the characters from the tales of Beatrix Potter;
  • FoodTechnology baked the most delicious cakes and the theme was the animals of Beatrix Potter;

Throughout the week during lunch-time in the LRC we had a steady stream of over 100 students who wrote about their hopes and dreams for the future and their special place. They also read a range of non-fiction articles about Beatrix Potter’s life and work.There was also a numeracy activity converting the cost of Beatrix Potter’s books from pre-decimal currency to modern day currency. 

To celebrate world book day, Miss Newton and Miss Strode hosted a World Book Day quiz in the LRC to complete our celebrations. Students took away a wider reading list and websites to further their studies on this inspirational and fascinating author,illustrator, scientist and conservationist.