Open Evening

St John Bosco Arts College recently held the annual Open Evening for prospective pupils.  A large number of our girls assisted during the evening and the comments received from our visitors were fantastic:


“This school is really bright and airy. I’m amazed at the acres of learning space - it’s so clean and feels brand new.” 

“I love the design of the school, it’s really easy to find your way around the different subject areas. The students are visible in every inch of the school.”

“I know my daughter will be safe here.”

“ Wow- what a fabulous school. It’s amazing.”

“The school feels free- I think of freedom- the girls have the freedom to learn in here”

“This is a safe, secure and state of the art learning environment- you can feel the opportunities available everywhere you turn.”

“ You can literally smell the fierce determination of the staff and the desire to help the students succeed”

“Everyone in here today,  pupils and staff are happy- it’s infectious”

“ I would love to come back to school if I knew it was going to be like this - my daughter will definitely be coming here, we won’t look anywhere else.