Primary English Mastery Days February 2017


We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with staff and students from our feeder primaries and spend the day with them in our English Mastery Day. They were a joy to teach. Miss Strode and Mrs. Howden were pleased to welcome back pupils from the following schools: Croxteth Primary School; Emmaus Primary School; St. Brigid’s School; St Alberts School; Our Lady and St Swithin’s Primary; Our Lady & St. Philomena’s Primary; St Matthews Primary; Holy Name Primary and St. Teresa of Lisieux Primary.

We all had a fantastic day learning about language and how to analyse language. Students explored pre-fixes, suffixes and root words and made intelligent connections with unfamiliar vocabulary when considering the origins of the English language. Autobiographical and Biographical examples were read with enthusiasm and we investigated the narrative viewpoint and linguistic features of these genres. Later on, we learned how to go through A FORREST when reading and writing persuasively. We were wowed by the inspirational persuasive posters created using the new skills students had learned.

It was such an enjoyable day and we had great fun learning. Students said they couldn’t wait to come back. Students very kindly invited us to see them perform in their production of “A Midsummer Nights Dream” in April, Miss. Strode and Mrs. Howden can’t wait to see it.