Salesian Student Voice Weekend

The Salesian Student Voice returned to Savio House, for their follow up weekend. Savio Salesian College Bootle, St. John Bosco Arts College Liverpool and Thornleigh Salesian College Bolton came together to put the skills learnt in October into situations they may be called upon to do as School Leaders. Six of our Year 10 students represented St John Bosco.

We listened to how each of the groups had progressed within their role as student leaders within the school and how they had gone about attaining this achievement. We looked at the values of communication, respect, team work and trust in a fun and interactive way with mock interviews for an Assistant Headteacher and student led tours of our ‘perfect’ Salesian school.

By coming together as school leaders students can share their experience of school and get a sense of what it means to belong to the wider Salesian family. The young people got along so well it was difficult to distinguish which Salesian school they had attended.

We had a Mass of Commitment celebrated by Fr Hugh Preston SDB, which really was an incredible experience. The young people led the liturgy in confidence showing their true leadership and Salesian Values.

In the evening we played games, danced, sat and talked until bedtime where we ended with a traditional Mama Margaret goodnight while drinking hot chocolate.

The students had a wonderful time as they gained so many friends and keep asking when they can go back.