School Production - Cinderella

On Monday 15th December it was the first night of our school production Cinderella and we would like to take this opportunity to share with you, the wonderful comments we received from our audience members who came to watch our opening night.

"Thanks very much for tonight, we really enjoyed it. Your team should be so proud."

"Hi just wanted to praise the school on their performance last night it was amazing, Molly loved it, I want to see it again and again. The girls were like professionals, especially the prince who carried on with her sore throat, the performers will go far in arts and drama. I wouldn't have had a better performance at the Empire, a real credit to the school, amazing, well done to all involved."

"I can't believe I spent £90 on tickets for Aladdin at the Empire, I wish I could get a refund and come to Cinderella again."

The crowds were amazed by the exceptional talent show cased in our brand new Hill Theatre Space. Our students were remarkable and truly embraced their character roles. Everyone from Cinderella herself, to our wonderful year 7 dancers made the performance an exciting extravaganza of entertainment. We have been blown away by the feedback given and would like to thank the cast's family, friends and local community members for their continued support.  We would all also like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Finnegan and all her band members for bringing our version of Cinderella to life, with their fabulous musical accompaniment. Mrs Ellison and Mrs Strevens for choreography and their continued support. Mrs Allen and sixth form students for the sensational costumes. Mrs Park for the magical set which gave our stage that classic pantomime sparkle. The technicians for providing outstanding sound production. To Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Sweeney and all the Staff who have volunteered to assist backstage. Miss Burns for all the bits that you don’t see. You are all greatly appreciated. A special thank you to Joanna Sichivula for being a great backstage help and for her fabulous organisation throughout the process. Finally to all performers thank you for making this magical tale come to life, with a dazzle of extra spice.

Well done girls, you put on a great show.