Shakespeare Week

This week we are celebration World Shakespeare Week. With activities available online and a whole range of activities in the classroom. Have a look below to see what our students are up to.

Pupils are immersed in Shakespeare plays across KS3 and explore the rich literary heritage of Shakespeare’s canonical works. In year 7 pupils study Macbeth, exploring the key themes of the supernatural, the portrayal of women and power. Moving into Year 8, we discover one of Shakespeare’s romantic comedies: A Midsummer Nights Dream. Pupils explore the magic of fairies as well as revisiting many of his methods. They will follow the trials and tribulations of teenage characters, as they get lost in a world of magical adventure, as well as reading poems and fiction that show how magic has been portrayed throughout literature.

As pupils progress into Year 9 we study Much Ado About Nothing – this Shakespearean play is a true comedy as pupils follow the ridiculous path of unrequited love. They will discover a light-hearted side of Shakespeare and his plays, looking at how he challenged typical female stereotypes more than 500 years ago. They will use the characters to explore humour and relationships in order to see how Shakespeare paved the way for a number of modern writers too. Students develop their knowledge of and skills in writing, refining their drafting skills and developing resilience to write at length. They will be taught to write formal and academic essays as well as writing imaginatively. Pupils will also be encouraged to complete their own research into the context of the Elizabethan Era and the conventions at the time.

Resources to help pupils with the Study of Shakespeare’s plays.

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