Sixth Form Barnstondale Trip Thursday 8th September


As Head Girl I would like to welcome back all staff and students to the college. As part of our Sixth Form induction programme, all year 12 and 13 students visited Barnstondale, where they took part in a variety of team-building activities. This was a great way for new members of our sixth form to feel welcomed and helped us all get to know one another.

 As well as the more physical activities that were on offer such as rock climbing, air-rifle shooting, and ice-breakers with Mr Gaffney, there was time to reflect on our experiences in the past year, our journey so far and most importantly to consider our dreams and aspirations for the future.

Our Sixth Form Induction Programme has allowed us time to reflect,build upon our friendships and given us the confidence to accept the challenges of Sixth Form life.

Overall, this trip has given us the opportunity to lay the steady foundations which will hopefully build and shape how our school year will be – not only the cementing hard work on the outside, but the colourful decoration inside filled with joy, laughter and kindness.