Student Council Elections

This week in citizenship the whole school has been looking at ‘democracy’ and what it means to be a democratic country.  The pupils then voted for their year group student council representatives, with the following results:

Year 7:  Mahboubeh Solati , Eve Rush and Molly Asquith Lunt 


Year 8: Charlotte Miello- Constantine, Emily Holmes and Cassie-Lea Ward


Year 9: Divina Onwu, Chloe Grierson and Alice May Hardaker


Year10: Bella Jones, Rachel Onwu and Kamby Anakwue


Year 11:  Alex Mahamotho, Olivia Crossland and Bobbi Bates


Year 12: Cara Gore, Maggie Lam and Neve Dooley

First council meeting for the year, chaired by the headgirl team is Monday 14th September – we look forward to actions for the new school year!