Student Council Elections


This week the St John Bosco Student Council elections took place.  Students gave speeches to their year groups and their names were placed on a ballot paper for the year group to vote for their representatives.  The Headgirl team announced the successful candidates across the school P.A. system at the end of the day to great excitement!


The democratically elected representatives are:


Year 7 Student Council Reps:

Sarah Jade Sant (7S)
Heidi McCarthy (7T)
Katie Jo Sant (7B)


Year 8 Student Council Reps:

Ashleigh Hickman 8C
Nicole Chesworth 8J
Mia Sergant 80


Year 9 Student Council Reps:

Eve Power 9S
Serena Knocheart 9S
Lilly Passey 9B


Year 10 Student Council Reps:

Alex Kassim 10J
Devine Onwu 10S
Alice May Hardaker 10T


Year 11 Student Council Reps:

Faye Harding 11B
Kamby Anakwue 11B
Abigale Asemota 11C