Summer School


It has been an extremely busy two weeks at St John Bosco Arts College as we invited our new Year 7 students in for Summer School - Fun Time Festival 2021!Each group has had an action-packed week filled with fun, laughter and friendship. Students have enjoyed a host of sporting activities, from trampolining to football with our superb PE Department. The literacy team have been working hard to inspire the next generation of young writers. Students have taken time to create beautiful poems, read short stories and have taken part in literacy glow-up bingo!

Throughout the pandemic it has been hard for all young people and the wellbeing sessions, delivered by our staff and YPAS, have enabled our pupils to develop effective strategies to implement in their day to day lives when managing change and dealing with stress. The girls have captured the true essence of Salesianity through various workshops, instilling the ethos of what it means to be a ‘Bosco girl’, capturing the 3 main elements of being caring, confident and creative throughout their summer school experience.

Creativity has been at the heart of the activities. Our young superstars have taken part in dance and drama workshops culminating in a showcase performance using the story of Alice in Wonderland to portray their own transition journey. In particular students have really enjoyed music sessions led by Mr Gaffney; these have ignited their passion for performing arts.Students have also been learning to communicate with each other positively and even using different languages such as Mandarin, learning numbers, greetings and creating bespoke bookmarks!

The St John Bosco 6th formers have been exemplary role models and have made lasting friendships with the year 6 girls transitioning to year 7. During lunch and break times our 6th formers have led a plethora of friendship building activities, developing their leadership skills and encouraging friendships in the younger girls.

The summer school has been an invaluable experience for our new starters and contributed to eliminating some of the anxieties they may have had regarding the transition to year 7. Staff all agree that it has been wonderful to see the girls having an amazing experience and they are raring to go in September!