The Feast of St Teresa

St Teresa’s statue that once adorned the walls of our old school building has been restored, thanks to the hard work and fund raising organised by Mrs Dixon, St Teresa’s  church administrator. The statue had a farewell service from St John Bosco Arts College this morning. The service was led by Fr Chris Fallon form St Teresas and students from St John Bosco read prayers and spoke of memories when the statue endearingly known as ‘The Mary’ became a meeting place in school.

After the service a strong team of sixth formers led the procession of the statue along Storrington Avenue then onto Utting Avenue and into St Teresa’s church where students from the primary school awaited her return. The welcome was wonderful. The statue was carefully placed on the altar and students, teachers and parishioners came and lay a flower at her feet.

The statue will be erected onto the wall of St Teresa’s school in the near future ready and in place for generations of children who,like our students here at St John Bosco, may stand by her and share their lives.