The Tall Ships

Title - More 6TH form Tall Ships adventures: Summer 2014.

Student quotes:

‘I learned a lot about sailing and myself, it has made me amore confident person.’

‘I was sea sick a few times, but you are part of a team, andyou just have to get on with it.’

‘It was a truly amazing experience, I will never forgetlooking up and seeing a sky full of stars and thinking … Wow!’

‘We are all looking forward to our next Tall Shipsadventure, maybe we will go on a longer voyage next time.’

Four of our 6th form students; Cerys Williams,Alice Lennon, Sophie Wilson and Katie Dalton accepted the challenge to takepart in the annual Tall ships race. A brilliant opportunity presented to ourstudents by Jim Graves, the chairperson of MAST. (Merseyside Adventure SailingTrust)

In preparation for their voyage, the students supported bythe rest of the 6th form, spent the latter half of the summer termraising funds in for their adventure before setting sail at the end of August.

Funds were raised in a variety of ways some of whichincluded cake sales and bag packs at local supermarkets.

Our students joined the trainee crew of ‘Maybe’ along with 8other young people, all of whom had never sailed before.

They were quickly immersed in life on the high seas as theysailed from Falmouth to Greenwich.

Not only did our students learn how to sail the ship butthey also learned a lot about themselves, developed many new skills and metmany wonderful people.

As a trainee crew, they came 4th overall in therace, beating 40 other vessels and 3rd in their class.

We are extremely proud of their accomplishments. Well done Girls!

Our 6th There will be further opportunities toget involved in Tall Ships throughout the year.

If you are interested in taking part please speak to MissMurphy 6th form PPC or alternatively check out the MAST websiteusing the link below.