The Tempest

The Epstein Theatre, 19th November 2015 


St John Bosco are putting on an abridged version of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest at The Epstein Theatre on the 19th November 2015.

A tempest summoned by a magical foe, causes a ship to be wrecked on a mysterious island. Not before long the castaways find themselves subject to enchantments and mystical illusions. Only to discover it is all the result of an ancient grudge.

Our ensemble performance captures the comedy and magic of the text.


“This festival is a fantastic opportunity for our girls to experience performing in a real theatre. They have worked collaboratively and produced a highly entertaining piece that proves Shakespeare can still thrill and amuse an audience today.”- Mrs Shawcroft, Drama Subject Leader.


“I have really enjoyed being a part of this festival. At first I was worried about using the Shakespearian language, but through the workshops and rehearsals I have been able to find the meaning in the words and it has been fun bringing it to life”. – Samantha Cantillon, cast member.

All the box office proceeds go towards ensuring more children are able to take part in SSF every year, so please come and spread the word!





Tickets are available the Theatre Box Office on 0844 888 4411


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