World Poetry Day Celebration

 On Friday 20th March 2015 we celebrated World Poetry Day at St. John Bosco Arts College.

Throughout the day each lesson started with a reflective question about poetry followed by a short video of a range of poetry readings. Our staff and students discussed the language of poetry and song lyrics as well as themes and ideas about culture and identity expressed through the mediums of music and poetry. 

The English department taught a poetry lesson which linked “Sonnet 130” by William Shakespeare and the lyrics of Bruno Mars’ song “Just the way you are”. We explored how traditional poets are used as inspiration for contemporary artists.

To celebrate World Poetry Day students entered two competitions: “Illustrate your favourite song lyrics” and a quiz “Figurative Language in songs”. During the quiz, students had to read song lyrics and identify the literary device, artist and song. The closing date for the “Illustrate your favourite song lyrics” is Wednesday 25th March 2015. Winners will be posted on the college website.

Thank- you to all staff and students for your participation.