Year 11 Exit Questionnaire Feedback

What did you enjoy most about your time at St John Bosco Arts College?

"The opportunities the school gave me"

"Teachers putting the effort in and pushing us to the limit!"

"I have achieved things I never thought I would"

"I think that the staff's dedication to the students made my experience more enjoyable"

"The lessons"

What impact have the new school facilities had?

"Improved my ability to learn"

"Breakout areas enable us to share thoughts and ideas"

"Technology makes learning fun"

"More room to study and revise"

"We are able to learn in different ways"

What are the main strengths of the college?

"Amazing teachers"

"Interaction between teachers and students"

"Lots of opportunities"

"Strong Salesian community" 

"If you have a problem staff are always here for us"