Duke of Edinburgh - Bronze Practice Expedition

On Saturday 11th May, Seventeen students embarked on their practice expedition for the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award in Rivington, Chorley. Led by Miss Provan and Miss Innocent, they tackled a challenging 13.19-kilometer route, mastering essential map-reading skills and efficiently managing their equipment amidst scorching 22-degree heat.

This is the second group from St John Bosco undertaking the Bronze Award Expedition since we joined the programme. With 23 students poised to complete the qualifying expedition this weekend, supported by 11 dedicated staff members, they are ready to embrace the next phase of their Duke of Edinburgh adventure: the overnight camping experience. We can’t wait to hear how they all get on!

Miss Provan, reported all students on the Bronze practice expedition carried themselves exceptionally well and amongst other essential lessons, they will have picked up the importance of motivational teamwork, perseverance, and keeping hydrated!

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