Empathy Day - 6th June 2024

Empathy Day this year is celebrated on Thursday 6th June 2024. Empathy is being able to experience and understand other people’s feelings and points of view. The Empathy Lab's mission is to “Read stories, build empathy, make a better world”, find out more about Empathy Day in the guide by clicking on the image to the left.

Empathy is learnable, so why not try a title from the Empathy Day 2024 Book Collection (listed in the guide) and keep track of your reading with the ‘How Many Have You Read?’ just click on the image on the right. Remember, students can borrow the books from the library and pick up a paper copy of the reading tracker from the Library Helpdesk.

Empathy Day Live! is a FREE online festival, featuring a brilliant line-up of authors & illustrators modelling the Mission Empathy challenge activities to inspire you. All events can be watched on demand, on YouTube an hour after the livestream. View the ‘Empathy Day Live’ programme attached HERE.

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