Fairy-tales Gone Wild: Year 7 and 8 Students Take Shakespeare's Dream to a Whole New Level

Our Year 7 and 8 creative writers are being inspired by magic and Fairies this term. Meeting every Tuesday lunch our writers are creating poems and short stories, using Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night's Dream as inspiration.

Meeting Miss Jones in the English department our writers look at excerpts from different texts each term looking at language and sentences, what inspires them and how they can use that to create their own stories and poems, allowing them to develop their skills and create imaginative and inventive writing.

Mrs Jones says “Creative writing is a wonderful way to express yourself, through writing we are able to explore new people, places and adventures all through our imagination and inspired by texts and everything around us.”

Writing in this way helps students in the classroom, developing their vocabulary, confidence in writing and interpreting the texts they are reading across the curriculum.

The next adventure for our creative writers are some competitions so watch this space we may have a new bestselling author on our hands.

If you want to write your story join them on Tuesday.


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