Going green with the Don Bosco Green Alliance

As part of our ongoing mission to become eco-friendlier and more sustainable, we joined the Don Bosco Green Alliance.

The Green Alliance is an international programme where Salesian communities from around the world join forces to support Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ and his passion for the environment. 

For our part of the programme, we have three commitments:

1.     Develop green areas in school, including planting trees and developing the garden area. 

2.     Support the development of small-scale ecosystems within the school grounds. 

3.     Strive towards a school which reduces waste including paper, plastic and food. 

Our eco-club has been hard at work supporting us to deliver on our core commitments. Most recently, the eco-club began planting and caring for sunflower seeds, sycamore and some oak tree seeds. 

The student’s hard work was recognised by the Green Alliance who shared their progress with the international Salesian community online and as part of its monthly newsletter. 

Mrs Armstrong, eco-club lead, said: “We are delighted to have our student’s hard work featured on the Don Bosco Green Alliance’s website and newsletter. 

“We have big plans at the eco-club with plenty more in the pipeline for the summer and beyond.” 

Stay tuned for more Green Alliance and eco-club updates! 

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