Lego Lovers

Meeting on Wednesday lunchtime, Lego Club is a calm and relaxing space to stretch your STEM and creative skills and knowledge. Open to all year groups, Lego club was started with donations from our staff. Students have taken to it with regular patrons from all year groups.

Lego helps students understand how structures are made, test out theories on strength and engineering and Mr Kirk, the Lego legend, has big plans: “I am excited to extend the challenges of Lego club, students are already making some brilliant things. I am happy to see students are really enjoying the technical elements of Lego but find it really relaxing and calming”.

There are big plans for a Bosco Lego Masters competition and who knows what next. When I spoke with the students at the club one told me “This is the best club ever, I love seeing how things come together and I make something different every time”. If you’d like to join head over to Science 2, every Wednesday, at lunchtime.


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