Newly appointed assistant headteacher thrives at St John Bosco Arts College

At the beginning of the academic year, St John Bosco Arts College welcomed Carlie Loftus-McGinty as assistant headteacher.

Carlie, an ex-student of St John Bosco Arts College, has worked in Catholic education for 19 years. During her early career, Carlie was employed as a humanities teacher at Holy Cross Catholic High School in Chorley.

In 2013, Carlie became curriculum leader for geography at St Mary’s High School and humanities in 2016. Two years later, Carlie became assistant headteacher, responsible for curriculum and leading teaching and learning.

Carlie said: “My career to date has been so varied, and I have enjoyed every opportunity available to me. My vocation very much lies in Catholic education, and I have a passion for supporting the academic progression of young people with Christ at the centre.”

Carlie’s role as assistant headteacher at St John Bosco Arts College sees her leading on literacy across the school and the school’s website. She said: “We are currently in the development stage of a new school website which is due to launch before the end of the academic year, so keep a look out!

“Following on from the departure of our previous curriculum leader, I have had the pleasure of spearheading the geography department, which has been a blast from the past. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Carlie has ambitions to ensure all students leave St John Bosco Arts College with the reading, writing and oracy skills needed to be successful in their next steps.

“A secure level of literacy is such an important key skill for our young people and essential for them moving forward into the world of academia and work. The fall-out from the COVID-19 pandemic and increased usage of mobile phones has significantly impacted student’s literacy skills, so I am keen on tackling this,” Carlie said.

As an ex-student, Carlie gushed about how the school helped shape her into who she is today. “St John Bosco has always held a place close to my heart since I attended as a student in the 1990s. Without this school, I truly believe I would not have been as successful professionally,” she shared.

Carlie added how her career began at St John Bosco Arts College, so this feels like a ‘full circle moment’. She said: “I started my career here in 1999 when the head of the department at the time, Mr Langford, allowed me to come back to the school for observational purposes and to support the geography department; this was integral to my teacher training application.

“When I saw my current position advertised, there was no doubt I would apply. I haven’t looked back.”

Darren Gidman, headteacher at St John Bosco Arts College, said: “Carlie’s experience and passion for Catholic education made her the perfect candidate for the job. As a former student, she recognises our Salesian heritage, and is a proud advocate for teaching with Christ at the centre. It is wonderful to see a former student return and help us instil those same values she learnt during her time here.”

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