NSPCC Number Day

Number day is and annual event by the NSPCC. It has a double impact in that it helps us to remember the importance of numeracy skills for young people and raises important funds for the NSPCC to help protect and safeguard young people.

Mr Scott our Numeracy coordinator said “The NSPCC is such an important charity for supporting and protecting young people, and education is a key part of this. It is great that we can have some fun, learn something new and help people at the same time.”

One of the activities students took part in Buddy's challenge, helping to find the broken key that’s been lost, the key unlocks the door into our school so he can join us for the day and join us in our number fun! Students worked in teams to solve number puzzles and logical conundrums. Prizes were awarded for team work and the class who completed the puzzles first!

If you would like to make a donation to the NSPCC and have a child in school you can do it through Parent Pay. If not head over to their website for more details on how to donate.

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