Numeracy Day 2023

National Numeracy Day is celebrated on 17th May and aims for everyone in the UK to get on with numbers so they can get on in life. Aiming to empower everyone in the UK to have the numeracy skills that allow them to fulfill their potential at work, home and school.

This year we celebrated with a literacy crossover and a Library takeover with activities and prizes galore. Students had a great time testing their maths skills and winning prizes from Mr Scott’s box of treats.

Mr Scott said “Maths is so much fun and that was the aim of the day. Our students are passionate and talented mathematicians, and we love celebrating that on days like today”

Competition time!

National Numeracy Day is running a Number Hero’s competition and students can describe and draw how they will use numbers in their life? “Maybe you would love to do a cool job like a vet, teacher, engineer or footballer? Or do you dream of spending your days dancing, baking or saving the planet?” Stuednts can submit their entries to Miss Kinsella in the Library by 26th May.

Numeracy is such a key skill in our lives and celebrating the numeracy we use every day is a wonderful way of engaging our students and getting them excited about numbers.


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