Students Celebrate Butterfly Release

Over the past five weeks, students in the Oratory have been diligently nurturing tiny caterpillars into magnificent butterflies. Under the guidance of Mr. Gaffney, the students have immersed themselves in understanding the life cycle of butterflies and the essential care required for these delicate creatures. This educational journey culminated in a heart-warming event where the butterflies were released into the wild.

Mr. Gaffney expressed his admiration for the students, saying, "Our students here at the Oratory have truly shown their wonderful nurturing side. Watching them interact with these tiny creatures throughout their journey with us has been a beautiful thing to see."

The butterfly release event was a poignant celebration. Students and staff gathered to witness the butterflies spreading their wings and taking to the sky. During the event, students shared self-written poems reflecting on the process, and photographs documenting the life cycle of the butterflies were displayed.

The celebration was further enlivened by live music, and some students dressed in butterfly wings to support their little friends as they embarked on their journey into the wild. It was a beautiful testament to the students' efforts and the nurturing spirit of St John Bosco Arts College.

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