Team Science

We went to meet the Science team to see what they had to say about who they are and what they love about working, learning and being a part of the St John Bosco Science Team.

Who we are...

We have a fantastic and very energetic team in our science department, with a huge choice of courses to study and many strings to our bow. We want our students to be excited by science, the world around them and how it works. Our students are the future of STEM and will change the world through science.

As a team this is what we do best...

Supporting our students is what we do best, we want them all to achieve and feel proud of the work they do. We work together to make sure they get the best from the whole department. We don't give up on anyone. We enjoy spending time with them, we have fun and work hard, so they are encouraged to do the same.

What's new in science?

Lego club is the most recent activity added to the extracurricular timetable, students are practicing their engineering skills and reaping the rewards of the therapeutic benefits of Lego. We do hear a rumour about a Bosco Lego masters competition on the horizon.

Our Stem coordinator Mr Kirk also told us “Students are looking at women in science and have a new project every half term looking at different scientists, their work and the impact they have on the science world. We want students to see where science can lead and the wide range the world of science has to offer them”.

Why should someone join the science team?

This is an easy answer, we are a family, a supportive team that cares for each other and the students we work with.

Who teaches the hardest topic?

Our Physics teachers, after much debate amongst the team, all agreed that A-Level physics took the top prize for the most challenging topics and some of the most rewarding.

Why did you choose to study Science?

It’s always different, everything always comes back to science. Miss Emery says, “I wanted to know how the world works” and Miss Farron said “I wanted to know how my body worked”. Everyone agreed there were so many different aspects of science you could never be without something to learn.

What is the key to your success as a team?

“Working together is the key to our success” Mrs Sullivan says, “we share good experiences, we share learning experiences and help each other through tough questions and challenges as a team.”

Most surprising thing about the science team?

That we are all really good friends, we love spending time together, we all get along extremely well and care about each other. We are a big Salesian Science family.

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