Community News - The Good Help Hub

Cobalt Housing’s Lower House Lane reception becomes home to the Good Help Hub Croxteth, which will be open on Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

The hub brings together a range of partner organisations to offer a new type of support service to local residents, including Merseyside Police, NHS teams, Job Centre staff, Liverpool City Council services, Everton in the Community and many more, alongside a hot drink and a friendly welcome.

Themed days at the hub will focus on:

  • Employment and skills (Monday)
  • Housing and cost of living (Tuesday)
  • Health and wellbeing (Wednesday)
  • Keeping safe (Thursday)
  • Community and environment (Friday)

With the primary aim of the hub being to empower an already passionate community to live a good life.

Friday also sees ‘Bacon Butty Friday’, offering a safe, warm space for people to come and grab some breakfast and speak to a range of people who can offer support.

The hub aims to make it easier for residents to seek the support they need in one place close to their home, and promotes the concept of a ‘20-minute neighbourhood’.

Developed over the past few months, the initiative has taken a community-led approach to tackling a broad range of issues including increasing opportunities, tackling crime, health disparities, unemployment and poverty.

P​lease see time table below or click here to download a copy.

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