UKMT Challenge Successes

We are thrilled to celebrate our students' achievements in the UKMT challenges this year. Over 60 students participated, tackling tricky maths problems testing their logic, numeracy, and reasoning. Their dedication, including spending after school and lunch times preparing, led to numerous successes.

A special congratulations to Molly in Year 10 for achieving our school's first ever Silver award at the Intermediate level, making us all very proud.

Year 7

Year 8

  • Klara: Bronze (Best in School Junior UKMT Challenge)

  • Sienna: Bronze

  • Lucy: Bronze

  • Chosen: Bronze

  • Manna: Bronze

  • Isla: Bronze

  • Olivia: Bronze

  • Skyla: Bronze

  • Olivia: Bronze

  • Lexie: Bronze

Year 9

Year 10

  • Karina (Bronze)

  • Molly: Silver (Best in School Intermediate UKMT Challenge)

  • Tia: Bronze

  • Ella: Bronze

  • India: Bronze

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