Love at the Centre of St John Bosco's Teachings: Year 7 Student, Ava, Reflects on the Meaning of Love in School

As we prepare for the feast of St John Bosco we are reminded of the teachings of Don Bosco and that love was at the centre of everything he did.

It is enough that you are young for me to love you very much” Don Bosco

Love is one of our core values and it’s important to know what love means to us. We spoke with Ava a year 7 student who began her school journey with us in September to find out what love means to her.

Ava what does love mean to you?

"Love means lots of things, how we care for each other and respect each other. It can be unconditional, it’s the feeling I have with my friends and family."

What does love feel like in school?

"I think it's about the environment, the people, my friends and teachers and us all enjoying the atmosphere we share. You want to the love the place where you are."

How do we show love in school?

"We show love to each other all the time, with my friends I check to make sure they are ok, help them if they are feeling upset or down. The teachers are always doing nice things for us, it’s nice for us to tell them if they are our favourite teacher or if you really enjoyed a lesson. That’s a good way to show love."

Where do you see love in School?

"I see love in my class all the time, when we say prayers, when I see people laughing with friends and different people and when people are happy, we can see love then."

What advice would you give to everyone in school to help them show love?

"Give someone a smile, check in with someone and make sure they are ok."


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