Year 8 Sensation Eve Challoner Dances Her Way to The Hammond School of Dance 

In a remarkable personal triumph, Year 8 pupil Eve Challoner has secured a coveted spot at The Hammond School of Dance, a prestigious institution known for shaping the careers of budding performers.

‘Eve is a star in the making,” said Miss Ellison, Head of Performing Arts at St John Bosco. “She is known for her exceptional talent and also for her enthusiasm and support towards fellow students. Particularly the new Year 7 members who join the clubs.”

In a recent interview Eve explained: “My love of dance started early, when at the age of three my mother enrolled me into the local baby ballet class. Ever since, I've just loved it.”

The prodigy’s journey to The Hammond School began with a gentle nudge from one of her dance teachers, Louise Edge from the Jade Dance Studios, which Eve attends three days a week after school. 

Eve got to work producing an audition video and soon got the call back, inviting her in for the next step, which was the start of the face-to-face auditions. 

The auditions were intense as the young dancer described. "The judges would take notes and ask us to perform certain moves. It was quite nerve-wracking because we had to perform a choreographed piece by ourselves after only having minutes to learn it. I was nervous because there were some girls and boys who seemed quite a lot older than me, so I was a bit intimidated. I had never worked with the Hammond before, but I’m glad I pushed myself. It was hard, but in the end, I felt quite good about myself for completing it. It was a wonderful experience." 

She continued: “The most exciting aspect so far has been my exposure to commercial dance, a style previously unfamiliar to me. It’s just very different compared to the other styles that I've been learning like street dance. It is a very strong and passionate dance style, so it was really nice to explore something new and I have discovered I really enjoy it." 

Even with her commitment at The Hammond School, Eve actively participates in all dance clubs at St John Bosco. When asked about balancing the workload of dance, schoolwork, socialising, and downtime, Eve responded, “Well it’s easy to fit in the things I enjoy, like dancing, and spending time with friends and family. Though it can sometimes be tough to remain motivated when it comes to less exciting things - such as homework!

Encouraging other students to join dance clubs, Eve emphasised the joy and camaraderie found in dance. She said,

“It's a bunch of laughs and I feel like dance is something where you don't have to take yourself too seriously. You can just have fun. There is a style of dance called ‘Contemporary’ and it's just about feeling the music, I guess. It can really help some people with things like working through your emotions, you don't have to be perfect. You can kind of adapt it to your level and just enjoy it. So, I just think dance is a wonderful thing to get into, with plenty of opportunities at different levels. You grow in confidence, build friendships, and get exercise!”

When looking ahead, and talking about her aspirations, Eve expressed a desire to collaborate with her sister, Hayden, in a venture that aligns with both their passions; Eve’s love of dance and Hayden’s love of fashion designing.
Their dream would be to produce a dance clothing line that is fully inclusive to all shapes, sizes, genders and abilities, and that encourages individuality and body confidence. She envisions using the proceeds to support her dance journey further. “I do hope to find myself somewhere around that area where I can work with my sister and incorporate both our passions together and spend more time together.”

In conclusion, Eve stands as an inspiration to all of us, showcasing the transformative power of dedication, talent, and the pursuit of one's passions. She embodies our schools vision and values of love, faith, community, respect and hope. St John Bosco Arts College celebrates Eve's success and looks forward to witnessing her continued achievements in the world of dance. 

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